Expectations vs Reality

Typically, when people think about translation agencies, their imagination creates a picture of a group of linguists armed with dictionaries and glasses. While some of that may be true, translation agencies offer multiple services designed to enhance the effect that a client’s text causes. Such companies professional translators and other linguistic professionals who make sure not only that a translation is accurate, but also that the final text reaches its target audience with just the right impact.

In order to do that, it is important to ensure more than proper terminology. The force of a well composed text, translated or not, lies in its style. The tone of voice is a powerful tool, which creates a relation between an author and his target audience. Composing an effective text requires experience and technique, which is what KONTEKST’s experts bring to the table. Only by reading thousands of pages of varied documents one can develop a sensitivity to textual forms and stylistic choices.

More than Translation Services

Knowing that our clients operate in many business sectors and require individual approach to their documents, at KONTEKST we have broadened our offer. It includes various types of translations and other linguistic services, which enhance the potential of a text, make it more attractive to the reader. These services include:


An editor is a specialist able to assess a text’s correctness and proper language use. This service is focused on the text’s logic, substantive matters, appropriate terminology and any stylistic errors that might hinder the understanding of the text and affect its suitability for the purpose intended by the author. This service does not require previous translation, it is performed on the final text, usually meant for publishing.


Revision is a comparison of the source text with the translation in order to determine its suitability for its intended purpose. This type of review examines a text’s terminology, register and style, and also results in recommendations for corrections. We suggest stylistic or substantive revision especially when a text is supposed to be published or has a very demanding or specific target audience. This service would benefit those who create highly specialized content. Depending on the text, our Project Managers could also suggest revision by a native speaker, which is the best solution when the goal is to make a translation sound natural in the target language.


Proofreading is especially recommended for texts meant to be printed. It is a final inspection, which focuses on correctness, but also examines the accuracy and style of the translation in comparison with the source text. Proofreading is supposed to bring the final text closer to the original, while ensuring proper terminology and tone.

DTP and Printing

Translations often result in changing a text’s length and graphic layout. Our experts are able to identify problematic areas, adjust the file formats and transform the final texts and any visual elements to create comprehensive and attractive documents. Desktop Publishing is recommended for marketing texts, such as flyers, advertising brochures, catalogues or labels. We also perform printing services, to ensure that our clients can count on us at all stages of multilingual content management.

Translation services at KONTEKST

Meetings and frequent conversations with our clients show us that some of our translation services are still less known than the most typical types, such as forward translation or certified translation. To learn more about our translation services, use the list below:

Customized Services

KONTEKST has been operating for 20 years on the translations market. We know that translation services providers need to remain flexible and present customized services, suitable for the needs of specific projects. Our experts will advise you on the right workflow to achieve the best results for your text.

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