Our translations are made by specialists in particular fields – economists, lawyers, medical doctors or pharmacists, as well as people with an all-round education backed with many years of professional experience.

To ensure top quality of our services, all our translations are subject to revision in our Quality Control Department.

Moreover, we offer additional linguistic and substantive revision services. At the customer’s request we can retain the original graphic layout of a text.

We deliver translations in a form agreed with the customer, always maintaining complete confidentiality.

We can manage large projects requiring several translators working as a team. Every month we translate several thousand pages.

At your request we can provide references from our regular customers.

Languages We Translate

We are a certified translation agency with an extensive worldwide network of translators who are fluent in 250 languages. We offer translation services in all European languages, many non-European languages, and several regional
variations of English.

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Our Translation Specialties

Translators wear many hats. It’s not enough to be able to take the words of one language and translate them to another. A translator must also have expertise in the subject area they are working with. They need to understand cultural differences and colloquiums. They need to edit and rewrite text in order to communicate ideas in a way that makes sense for the intended audience. 

Nowhere is this more true than in professional translations. We offer specialized translation services for key industries using translators who are fluent in multiple languages and have a depth of knowledge that allows them to truly understand the subject matter they’re working with. Our translation specialties include:

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

As our primary specialization, we translate 60,000 pages of medical and pharmaceutical documentation each year in a variety of medical specialties. Many of our clients are clinical research organizations (CROs) that need highly sensitive information and documentation translated into a number of different languages. Our team can take on multilingual project management as well as translation, editing, proofreading, and interpretation.

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Financial and Banking Translation

Our high standards, confidentiality policy, and thorough quality assurance process make us a leading source of translation services for the financial and banking sectors. We speak the language of finance and work with over 70 banks, insurers, and lenders to translate financial statements, reports, market analyses, contracts, corporate communications, and more.

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Legal Translation

Legal translators need fluency in language and in law; our expertise in both is why so many of the largest global law firms choose Kontekst to translate contracts, legal opinions, court judgments, documentation, and notarial deeds. When the stakes are high, so is the need for accuracy, attention to detail, and responsiveness.

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Who We Are

Kontekst Translations Agency has been providing highly-specialized translation services in 250 language combinations for nearly two decades. On top of having 40 on-site employees who manage our projects and oversee our global team of translators for a seamless process and prompt communication, we also have a pool of 1500 translators. We’ve provided nearly 3,000 clients with exceptional translation services. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.