website translations

Localisation is the adaptation of a document created in a given place and language to the realities of another market and environment. This process generally consists in translating a text, and then adapting it to the regulations and requirements characteristic of the culture in which the target language is used.

Translation of a website into other languages is a type of localisation.

A website in foreign languages is an opportunity for reaching another, potentially large group of clients, which in turn leads to increased sales. Localisation of websites is the most effective way for a company to make its mark on foreign markets – for example, translating a website into Russian or German can open the doors to the massive markets of those countries, with 143 million and 80 million consumers, respectively.

To place an order for localisation of your website:

  1. define your needs and the objective of the translation,
  2. select a scope of the translation,
  3. tell us what countries / languages interest you,
  4. send the source file to our team.

We will take the following steps:

  1. assign the translation to a native speaker of the target language,
  2. revise the text once translated,
  3. prepare graphics for the website,
  4. carry out quality control,
  5. place the text on your website.

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