french translation services

French is one of the languages that are used relatively often in the business sector. Therefore, numerous companies cooperating with French entities are in need of top-quality communication. For this reason, they seek professional French translation and interpretation services which are central to making a good impression and ensuring accurate exchange of information. In this context, it is essential to use specialized terminology and industry-specific vocabulary, as well as have the message adapted to the intended recipient – a process referred to as transcreation.

When you need professional French translation services, you can rely on KONTEKST to deliver.

Industry Standard (ISO) Certified

You can trust translation services from KONTEKST because we’re in compliance with the most up-to-date international standards for translators, ISO 17100:2015 from the Bureau Veritas Certification Polska. Only the top performing translation companies have achieved this certification.

French Language Variations

There are as many as 75 different regional dialects of the French language. Due to the linguistic legacy of the colonial rule, French is also spoken by people living in different parts of the world. As a consequence, there are many varieties of the language, such as Belgian, Swiss, or Canadian French. KONTEKST offers a team of experts who pay attention to even the finest differences in spelling, pronunciation, and syntax. They make sure that any text translated from or into French is always perfectly adapted to the recipient in terms of not only formal, but also cultural aspects.

Translation Within Technical Fields

KONTEKST specializes in industry-specific translation services that require a depth of knowledge in the technical terminology of the field. We provide professional French translation services for the following industries:


  • Medical/Pharmaceutical. Our expertise allows us to provide medical translation for a wide range of medical fields, including clinical research, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, medical devices, and more.
  • Banking and Finance. Translation between languages is difficult in the world of finance, which has a language all its own, but KONTEKST has helped countless clients with translation for financial institutions, interpretation, document proofreading, revision, and project management.
  • Law. Legal translation requires a specialized skill set. A translation service must understand the original language, the language of the translation, and the legal terminology of both. In some instances, knowledge of the legal systems in two or more countries is necessary as well. You can trust that KONTEKST translators have the expertise to provide translations that are legally accurate.

French Translation Services Provided by KONTEKST

No matter what type of translation services you need, KONTEKST has you covered. Our services include:

All document translation is subject to rigorous revision for ultimate accuracy.