Rules and Regulations

General Terms and Conditions

1. KONTEKST translations agency (hereinafter: KONTEKST) provides translation and interpretation services in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, good industry practices and the ISO 17100:2015 standard.

1.1. KONTEKST initiates translation and interpretation services only upon receipt of a written order confirmation (via email, fax) from the Client.

1.2. Upon placing the first order, the Client shall send (via email or fax) a filled-in order form signed by the Client’s authorised representative, and a current copy from the National Court Register (KRS) or a valid certificate of entry in the Business Activity Register or equivalent (dated no more than six months before). In the case of existing clients, KONTEKST accepts orders sent by email.

1.3. Failure to provide a written order shall release KONTEKST from its obligation to perform the service.


2. Any and all documents and materials provided by the Client, as well as the content of interpreted meetings, shall be treated as confidential and shall not be revealed to any third parties, except for materials publicly available (press or Internet publications, public legal documents, etc.).

2.1. Upon the Client’s request, KONTEKST shall present a separate written confidentiality declaration.

Translation Services

3. The standard price calculation unit shall be the number of characters including spaces, number of words, working time, etc. (as specified in the agreement or order).

3.1. A standard page of a translation certified by a sworn translator (so-called “sworn translation”) contains 1125 characters including spaces.

3.2. The number of characters or words in the provided translation shall be the basis for price calculation. The number of pages of a regular translation shall be rounded up to one decimal place, and the number of pages of a certified translation shall be rounded up to a full page. One page shall be the minimum price calculation unit.

3.3. Certified (“sworn”) translations may be done based on a copy or an original document presented by the Client.

3.4. Orders that are executed in the regular mode shall be delivered to the Client on the agreed day not later than 5 p.m. or according to individual agreements.

3.5. The price of translation does not include preparing the text for publication or editing it.

3.6. If the translation process is stopped by the Client, the Client is obliged to pay remuneration for the work already performed and to reimburse any other costs borne by KONTEKST in connection with any preparations made to provide the service ordered.

3.7. KONTEKST shall execute orders exercising due care, and in particular in accordance with the generally accepted principles of the art of translation.

3.8. Within 5 working days of receiving a translation performed by KONTEKST under a specific order, the Client shall have the right to file a complaint regarding any shortcomings identified in the said translation. Complaints should be filed in writing and include a list of the shortcomings found.

3.9. The quote will be issued according to the currency and rates set for a payer’s location.

Liability and Copyright

4. Liability for any damage related to delivery of a faulty translation by KONTEKST shall be limited to the net remuneration amount (exclusive of VAT) due for a given translation. The upper liability limit is PLN 5000.

4.1. Indemnity shall not cover errors in translations provided in the super express mode. Upon ordering a translation in the super express mode, the Client accepts the risk of errors occurring in the translation. However, KONTEKST shall be obliged to remove any shortcomings without undue delay.

4.2. Proprietary copyright to the translation provided shall be transferred to the Client upon payment of the full amount due under the invoice issued by KONTEKST.

Interpretation Services

5. Working time of an interpreter shall start at the time he/she appears for work, as specified in the order, and end at the time he/she is released from providing interpretation services; the working time includes all breaks, e.g. lunch or coffee breaks, any other breaks in business meetings, travelling with the Client, etc.

5.1. The interpreting price calculation unit shall be four working hours of an interpreter (hereinafter a unit).

5.2. Each unit started shall be billed as a full (four-hour) unit.

5.3. Failure to use the services of the interpreter ordered shall not release the Client from the obligation to bear the full cost of the order.

5.4. If the interpretation ordered is cancelled by the Client on the day of planned delivery or the day before, the Client shall pay the full remuneration amount; if the order is cancelled two days in advance, the Client shall pay 50% of the due amount.

5.5. In the case of interpretation away from the interpreter’s place of residence, the Client shall cover the interpreter’s costs of travel, accommodation and meals at the site.

5.6. Should it be necessary for the interpreter to travel on a day other than the day the interpretation is to be performed, KONTEKST reserves the right to charge the Client for the time spent by the interpreter travelling.

5.7. Remuneration for interpreting on Saturdays shall be increased by 50% of the regular rate, and on holidays and at night (from 10 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.), the regular rate shall be doubled.

5.8. Clients who use KONTEKST’s services must not contact KONTEKST’s interpreters working for the Client otherwise than through KONTEKST within 12 months of the date of the last order.

5.9. The quote will be issued according to the currency and rates set for a payer’s location.