back-translation and reconciliation for CLINICAL TRIALS

A back-translation allows you to compare your translations with the original text for quality and accuracy and to evaluate equivalence of meaning between the source and target texts.

Back-translation consists of having a separate independent translator (who has no knowledge of or contact with the original text) translate the translation back into the original language. It follows from the very nature of language and the translation process that a back translation will never be identical to the original source text, but it helps identify any confusion, ambiguities, or errors that may arise on the way.

During reconciliation, the original source text is compared with the back translation to look for mistranslations, confusing fragments, or inconstancies of meaning. Reconciliation helps identify any additional issues and optimize the final translation to ensure that it successfully serves its intended purpose.

KONTEKST offers comprehensive support at each stage of the translation process, from forward translation through back translation to reconciliation. Our clients appreciate the convenience of dealing with just one service provider that understands their needs and can manage the entire process, saving them the time and trouble of having to reconcile separate translation service providers and allowing them to deliver additional quality and accuracy assurance for their most sensitive translation projects.

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