Cosmetic laboratories all over the world are trying to outdo one another putting their products in pretty boxes that promise to change your life forever. Companies have whole teams of copywriters work on the text to appear on the package, but that can only take them so far.

A cosmetic company that wishes to expand into foreign markets should first have an in-depth knowledge of its customer profile and the local market. Armed with these insights, an experienced translation agency can deliver ready-made marketing communication that will translate directly into successful sales.

How do you go about translating marketing communications? First of all you need to be creative and have a knack for the written word, because you are essentially doing the work of a copywriter. Experienced translators know fully well that people don’t just have “pimples” or “eczemas” – at most, they might complain of “blemishes”. Second of all, you need experience and proficiency in the target language to an extent that will allow you to take account of the linguistic and cultural peculiarities of the target country.

Transcreation for the cosmetics industry, because this is how the process in question is called, requires a good grasp of the original copywriter’s message to be able to transfer it into the target language. By this token, transcreation means not only the right terminology, but also conveying the same effect, style and emotion that you want to inspire in your reader. Some additional help from a native speaker will help make sure all linguistic nuances are taken care of. Here at KONTEKST it is our job to guide you through all that complex translation process.

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