This very moment more than 70 companies are working hard to develop a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Out of these, 3 companies have crossed into the stage of human trials. It is estimated that creating the right formula and preparations for mass production of the vaccine will take 12-18 months.

Under regular circumstances clinical trials could last more than 10 years. However, now the circumstances are far from regular and the trials have been drastically accelerated. With the health of whole populations in mind, the companies developing the vaccine, including some of KONTEKST’s clients, are working in a mode never tested before.

During the period when the researchers must retain absolute focus and be as exact as possible, KONTEKST provides support to companies developing the vaccine and those leading different clinical trials. We take some pressure off of our clients by providing specialised translations for CROs and both efficient and agile customer service. Having performed plenty of medical translations, we keep in mind that the translated documents will reach many institutions and remember that the final objective is always the health of the patients.

More than 60% of our translations are medical and pharmaceutical translations. At KONTEKST Translations we understand the specific nature of CROs and pharmaceutical companies. We are aware of the phases of a regular clinical trial, their estimated duration and what documents are necessary at what stage.

We manage translation projects in both fast and express modes. KONTEKST performs translations related to COVID-19, since the beginning of February the number of such projects has reached more than 40 and continues to grow.

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