Are you thinking about expanding your business on a global scale? While this endeavor can be greatly rewarding, with it comes a great number of challenges you may not have considered. When you start to think globally, there are the concepts of language and culture that require additional focus and resources. You need a sound globalization strategy to compete in a vast worldwide marketplace.

Here’s what to consider in terms of translation services and localization strategy when going global with your business and why it can help to work with a professional translation service.

1. Marketing Your Product to Other Cultures

First and foremost, to be successful in going global, it is necessary to have a global market for your product. Marketing and advertising to other cultures will require some different strategies than just what works in your existing market. Your product needs to be understood by multiple cultures, which requires different images, terms, styles, and metaphors that will make sense to the target audience. Localization services can help convey your message with the cultural nuances that will make it appealing to consumers in the countries you are marketing to.

2. Software Internationalization

The software used by your business, both internally and by your customers must be internationalized. This includes translation for your website into the various languages of the people who will need to access your site. Also, if you plan to have network capabilities between various branches of your business in different countries, the software will need to be able to communicate with itself in other languages.

3. Document Translation

The legal documentation required to run a legitimate business will need to be translated once you open up to the global market. Whatever your product or industry, business documents are frequently required and will need to be translated into any of the languages used by customers and business partners alike. Professional translation services can easily handle document translation, even when you need a fast turnaround. 

4. Product Translation

When it comes to manufacturing your product, even the labeling, packaging, instruction manuals, warranty information, and every other part of the product that goes out to the consumer will need to be translated into the language where it is being purchased or delivered. A mistake in translation could be a serious problem or even a safety risk that could jeopardize your business.

5. Customer Relations

Now that you’ll be working with customers on a global scale, you’ll need translation or even interpretation services in order to deliver even adequate, let alone excellent, customer service. The number of different countries you are planning to market your product to will determine the scale of the translation services you’ll require.

6. Employee Relations

If you plan to establish international branches of your business, you’ll need translation services just to communicate with employees in other countries. Even if you are merely outsourcing certain aspects of your business from manufacturing to customer service, communication between these entities is crucial. Translation services can help you manage the various branches of your global business as it grows.

Why Hire a Professional Translation Service?

You could attempt to hire individual translators as you expand your business, but then you are limited by the capabilities and knowledge of the translators you hire. By hiring a translation service, you have access to many translators and hundreds of languages in one place. You’ll save time and money while gaining fast, accurate translations by professionals. Get started with the expert translation team at KONTEKST to learn more about how we can help. Contact us today.