Localization services refers to the translation of documents into other languages. More specifically, it includes cultural nuances that are crucial to the meaning that is being conveyed rather than a literal translation. As you may know, direct translation sometimes leaves something to be desired when it comes to the true meaning of text. 

Language isn’t simply just a collection of words. Phrasing and sentence structure affects the meaning of a document, as well as slang terms and other jargon. Professional translation companies often specialize in localization services, providing accurate translations that are easier to understand by people of another culture. 

Translation and Localization Services in the Present 

The current global pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges facing translation companies in the 21st century. Efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 require documentation, website content, videos, and more to be translated into as many languages as possible in order to inform and educate the public about how to keep from getting sick and spreading the virus. 

Simple phrases such as “wash your hands” and “wear masks” and “social distancing” must be localized, rather than simply translated, so that everyone understands what these phrases actually mean. 

Organizations from government agencies to medical entities have required localization services, making this industry in higher demand than ever before. As the pandemic continues and the distribution of vaccines becomes top priority, translation services will continue to be required on a global scale. 

What the Future Holds for the Localization and Translation Industry

In addition to the pandemic, there are constantly arising global issues that will require even greater accuracy in translation of documents, videos, website content, and more. Website localization services will continue to grow as the demand rises. Businesses will attempt to expand globally and require their websites to be understood and accessible to many different countries, cultures, and languages. 

Will computerized translation services be able to keep up with the growing demand and provide accurate translations? As of now, computers are still unable to provide the same accuracy as human translators can, which bodes well for translation companies and translators who hope for job security in the future. There will likely always be a need for effective translators who can understand the cultural nuances that only a human can. 

The Challenge of Translating Medical and Pharmaceutical Terminology 

The COVID-19 pandemic has also placed an obvious highlight on medical and pharmaceutical translations. Studies on the pandemic, the development of a vaccine, protocols for treatment of patients, and more have been documented and translated into hundreds of languages worldwide. This will not only continue to be necessary, but likely increase as the pandemic continues and the very nature of how the world responds to infectious diseases evolves. 

Medical terminology is already difficult to translate into other languages and cultures that are not as developed and don’t have words for some of the terms. But increasingly more medical terms are being invented as we learn more about medicine and science, and spreading that knowledge requires skilled translators. 

Through Translation We Stay Connected 

We learn as we go on a global scale. Never has the world been more connected than it is now with the world wide web and technology spreading to every corner of the globe. As we physically distance ourselves, we grow ever more connected electronically through the basic human need to connect with one another. This is what is truly at the heart of localization services for the future. 

KONTEKST Translation and Localization Services 

If you’re in need of translation, interpretation, or localization services, KONTEKST can help. We specialize in medical, pharmaceutical, legal, and financial terminology, translating in 250 different languages. Our translations are accurate and culturally intuitive. All translated documents pass through a rigorous revision process to ensure there are no awkward phrases or blunders that would discredit the validity of the information being conveyed. You can trust your most important communications to the experts at KONTEKST. 

Contact us today to request translation or localization services. We look forward to providing you with accurate, effective translations.