COVID-19 has changed the world. As a global pandemic, there is virtually no aspect of life that has not been affected in some way by the virus. Translation services are no different. In fact, one could argue that medical translations have become one of the most important industries as the virus has swept around the world, affecting every continent except Antarctica. 

Many different aspects of managing the virus require translation for patients, healthcare workers, politicians, and the general public. Translation of coronavirus information between multiple languages, especially a wider variety of languages, is the reason professional translation services are in such high demand. 

Patient Care

One of the most common places where translation services are required is in hospitals where COVID-19 patients are receiving care. This poses a challenge, however, as in-person interpretation is one of the riskiest types of translation services. In some situations it is simply not possible to carry out direct interpreting.  

Virtual interpreters are being asked to translate over computer screens so that patients can communicate with their doctors and nurses and vice versa. Effective communication is key to successful patient treatment and increased survival rate. 

Preventative Measures

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is the ultimate goal, and the only way to stop the spread is to educate the public on how to avoid contracting the virus and how to avoid spreading it as well. Understanding is the first step, and putting the recommendations into practice is the necessary next step in managing the pandemic. 

Translation services are required for people in all languages to understand what preventative measures are recommended. These recommendations are based on best practices that have been effective in some countries at stopping or slowing the spread of the virus. New information is being discovered on a daily or weekly basis, and passing on that information to ensure it reaches everyone requires fast translation into multiple languages. As clinical research trials are continuing to focus on potential vaccinations, it’s important that these documents are accurately translated across languages.

Understanding and Interpreting Data

Information and data about the virus is constantly changing and evolving as more and more cases are reported. Experts in disease control analyze this information to determine what it means for the current status as well as the future. Numbers of cases, symptoms reported, concentrations of the virus in certain areas, and other data is collected in countries around the world. 

This information needs to be translated quickly so that the necessary people can understand it and communicate it to others. Our best chance at controlling the COVID-19 pandemic around the world is learning from the experiences of those countries that have been the most successful and keeping cases low. Effective translation of information is key. 

New Terminology

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to translation of COVID-19 pandemic information is the fact that there are new terms that have come about. As it has been stated time and time again, this pandemic is an unprecedented situation, and with that comes new terminology.  

New terminology is more difficult to translate, because when a word is created in one language, it must also be created in other languages in a way that is fitting for each individual culture. Some words can be globally accepted, but it is unusual for a term to be culturally and linguistically appropriate across all languages. “Social distancing” is one example of a term that has been created during this pandemic alone, and every culture will interpret it their own way. 

Current, Effective Translation Services by KONTEKST 

The key to effective translations during the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping up to date with current information and terminology. In a world that is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, translation services must also evolve to stay relevant. KONTEKST is a translation company that specializes in medical terminology and interpretation. Our translators receive up to the minute information about COVID-19 and related terms. When you need translation services of any kind in any language, KONTEKST is up to the task. 

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