Translations of directives, regulations, resolutions, judicial and economic analyses, documents on European integration

On 16 of April 2020 the European Commission announced that once again KONTEKST Translations team passed required tests and won a tender for translation and revision from Polish to English and vice versa. The tests measured proficiency and skills of KONTEKST’s translators, Quality Assurance Department and project managers.

Under regular circumstances clinical trials could last more than 10 years. However, now the circumstances are far from regular and the trials have been drastically accelerated. With the health of whole populations in mind, the companies developing the vaccine, including some of KONTEKST’s clients, are working in a mode never tested before.

We would like to congratulate all staff members involved in this tender and proudly say that we have been providing translations for the European Commission since 2003. Upholding the standards set for the Commission’s translation suppliers for more than 15 years confirms the effectiveness of implemented procedures and that KONTEKST Translations can rely on the skills and experience of talented translators, revisers and project managers.

For the European Commission KONTEKST provides translations of documents on European integration, directives, resolutions, regulations, judicial and economic analyses.

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