Our Certification

2On 24 May 2019 KONTEKST successfully passed an audit by Bureau Veritas Certification Polska for compliance with the industry standard ISO 17100:2015.
The international standard ISO 17100 is a quality standard which replaces the previous European standard PN-EN 15038 in providing detailed specifications for the translation industry.

The standard describes the processes, definitions and requirements for quality translation and localisation services and translation project management.

A translation service provider who wishes to comply with ISO 17100:2015 undertakes to strictly follow the procedures described in it in terms of:

  • human resources (including the qualifications of translators, revisers and reviewers);
  • IT resources and technologies;
  • quality management system;
  • translation process management;
  • translation process control;
  • customer service quality monitoring.

Translation companies interested in obtaining ISO 17100 certification must undergo a certification audit to determine the conformity of all their internal procedures with the requirements set out in the standard. Thereafter, the audits are carried out on an annual basis.

Our ISO 17100 certification is a tangible evidence for our customers that KONTEKST complies with international standards and is committed to constant improvement and growth. This is especially important for the firms operating in highly-regulated environment such as CROs, pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions, as well as law firms.

The recent audit once again showed KONTEKST’s commitment to ensure that our translations meet the highest quality standards and expectations of our customers.