In 2020 the phrase “remote work possible” has gained a very tangible meaning. Due to the covid-19 pandemic we are very much aware that although offices seem like a safe space, they can only be controlled to a certain extent. Some threats cannot be perceived and it is challenging to defend yourself against the unknown.

All of us are striving to provide safety for friends, family and ourselves. This aspiration is incredibly important in work environment, which gathers tens or even hundreds of people under one roof. When at least 50% of employees have to work from home, it is especially important to learn how to protect data.

Work from Home – Threats and Possible Solutions

One of the biggest factors affecting whether or not businesses have been able to survive and thrive despite the pandemic is whether or not the services they provide can be made available through virtual means. Businesses that are able to provide their services online have been able to continue throughout the pandemic with varying degrees of impact, but generally less than some others. 

Working from home without a manager’s friendly presence might cause employees to feel somewhat insecure. Armed with only a company laptop, they might feel a little more strongly the responsibility for following procedures and maintaining due caution in order to avoid data breach or regular human error. Fortunately, there are many solutions that employers could implement to prevent adverse events and take care of their staff’s comfort. Here are some examples of efficient data breach preventive measures: 

  • thorough checks and preparation of company equipment,
  • implementing log repository,
  • increasing the security of mail servers,
  • holding frequent meetings with employees in order to identify possible threats and find solutions.

KONTEKST goes one step further and offers a safe file transfer and communication tool – our Client Portal.

Digital Solutions: Client Portal

The Client Portal is a simple and intuitive tool, which enables complete translation project management and allows you to access your source files and translations from any device with internet connection at any time. The source files are being transferred directly to our own servers and stored for 12 months. This way we completely eliminate the risk of human error, inherent to traditional file transfer via email. 

Client Portal – Data Protection

Agile and efficient communication can lead businesses in any sector to success. We specialize in medical, legal and financial translations, which often results in transferring sensitive data. Because of that we control and secure all stages of communication by introducing the Client Portal. On top of that, at KONTEKST we happily schedule remote presentations in order to guide our clients through the whole process from requesting a quote to downloading a translation. To ensure the safety of transferred data and gain access to our Client Portal, contact us at

Digital Solutions at KONTEKST

The Client Portal is only one among many digital solutions we have implemented to save time and ensure safe cooperation for our clients and staff. With KONTEKST you can also try out:

Safe Cooperation

We encourage you to test our digital solutions and implement safe work automation tools. We are at your disposal (also thanks to technology), you can place your translation orders via phone call to +48 22 548 07 00 or send us your requests at