We understand that many of our clients now work remotely. In order to support them and guarantee a consistent customer service, KONTEKST has implemented a set of digital solutions.

We encourage you to order certified translations (performed by sworn translators) signed with electronic signatures. This safe solution will save you time and facilitate social distancing. You simply need to send a file containing the translation to a relevant institution. All Polish public institutions are legally bound to accept electronic certified translations.

At KONTEKST you could order certified translations with electronic signatures from the following languages:

• English,
• Russian,
• German,
• Slovakian,
• Danish,
• Norwegian,
• Czech,
• French,
• Spanish.

KONTEKST’s clients can count on our full support and efficient service. We remain at your disposal thanks to the implemented digital solutions.

To learn more about electronic certified translations, contact our Customer Service Department at kontekst@kontekst.pl.