Are you…

  • registering the company abroad?
  • placing new products on the market?
  • struggling to reach another milestone in your clinical study?

If you want to successfully grow your business or conduct comprehensive research, do not limit yourself to your home market. Establishing contacts in the international arena is crucial for attracting new clients and gaining information about foreign competitors. Use our technology and experience to speed up multilingual communication and give your materials a strong European footprint.


Our customers benefit from a wide range of solutions developed to connect and communicate Europe with North America, LATAM, Asia and the Middle East.

Based in the heart of Warsaw, KONTEKST has a well established network of translators, revisers, proofreaders and native speakers across Europe, working across borders and time zones.

Envision tapping into new markets with an ease and confidence: would it be helpful to have a trusted translation partner by your side?

99.6% of customers are satisfied with our services.

KONTEKST is a certified translation services provider and a valued partner of the biggest players on the clinical trials and pharma market. Since 2000 we specialize in translation services for CROs and pharmaceutical companies.

For our clients we provide comprehensive multilingual project management, including:

  • standard and sworn translation services,
  • interpreting,
  • back-translation,
  • proofreading,
  • reconciliation,
  • specialist consulting

…and more.

To ensure the best customer experience, each text undergoes at least one-step revision after translation, as defined in the ISO17100 standard.

Save time and resources, choosing a certified regional translation partner.

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