KONTEKST helps producer of advanced dental products enter the European market. Project involving 24 European markets and languages.

May/June 2021: KONTEKST completed an order in the field of dentistry for one of the Korean biotechnology companies. The project consisted of the translation of medical device documentation from English into 24 other European languages (including German, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Lithuanian, Slovak).

To ensure the highest quality of translations, in-country review service was used, i.e. additional revision of translated texts in target countries by practicing specialists – in this case active dentists.

One of the challenges was to efficiently organize the work of specialists operating in different time zones. Thanks to our Quality Management System and the advanced know-how of our team, the client received the service without engaging their own resources into project coordination issues.

As a result, we helped our client – producer and provider of highly advanced dental technological solutions and products accelerate the process of entering European market.

If you also work on such projects, feel free to contact us! We will help you carry out in-country reviews in all European languages and launch new products successfully.