Does your company produce thousands of pages of ICFs, protocols, medical correspondence, patient diaries, medicinal product labels and many other documents? If you answered yes, KONTEKST will make your job easier in 4 different ways.

1. Saving Time

Working with one translations vendor means less time spent on searching for qualified freelancers and examining sample translations. Moreover, KONTEKST implements solutions to secure quick turnaround time, such as an automated quotation system. We measure our efficiency by our clients’ satisfaction and the results of the latest Customer Satisfaction Survey confirm high quality of our translations and timeliness of order delivery.

2. Easy formalities

We understand that our clients work in a regulated environment and require a similar structure from their vendors. We implemented our internal Quality Management System and regularly pass an audit for ISO17100 compliance. We are happy to be audited by our clients and meet them online to discuss necessary regulations.

3. CROptimized Methodology and Expertise

70% of our translations are performed for the life sciences sector. We offer translation and revision by medical professionals, our staff is experienced in translating for pharmacy and clinical trials. Our expertise means less time spent on discussing terminology and style.

4. Digital Solutions for Safe Cooperation

KONTEKST offers services and tools to facilitate cooperation in times of COVID-19. By working with us you gain access to our Client Portal, remote interpreting or e-certificates of translations. The Portal allows you to store translation files for 12 months, you can log in from any computer at any time. It’s a simple, intuitive and, above all, safe communication tool.

Test our skills

KONTEKST offers you safe cooperation with an experienced medical translations vendor. Save time and gain access to our solutions and services by placing your order today. Contact us!