When servicing businesses where data confidentiality is key, companies erase their clients’ information from data carriers once they are done with the service, to protect the data. But if you are a professional service provider, you will know that just deleting files or data is no guarantee that they are actually destroyed and can never be recovered by unauthorized persons.

If they have the right resources and know-how, companies know that it is essential not only to erase files from the carriers used, but also to effectively destroy information stored on digital data carriers and hard drives.

There are many ways to destroy data, e.g. overwriting, shredding, physical destruction, radiation, degaussing, or thermal destruction.

KONTEKST has implemented a data security policy which sets out procedures for keeping information safe. At KONTEKST, we use degaussing as a method of destroying data carriers by demagnetizing them. This method makes it impossible to recover the data using standard or advanced techniques. It is very fast and makes it possible to reuse a computer tape or disk.

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