Clinical research trials are conducted all over the world. Often the same trial for a medication takes place in multiple countries, requiring pharmaceutical translation services. Global drug trials require document translations as well as in-person and video interpretation. These services and more are provided by professional translation specialists. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why you need pharmaceutical translation services. 

1. Accuracy of Clinical Documentation

Clinical research trials require extensive documentation, and it must be accurate in order to preserve the validity of the trial. In order for the same trial to be conducted in multiple countries, the documentation needs to be translated into many different languages without losing any of the important information or meaning along the way. Experienced translators can ensure that all documentation is produced in all of the necessary languages in the time frame that is necessary for the trial to be kept valid. 

2. Clear Manuals and Instructions

When it comes to carrying out the trial in multiple countries, the instructions and equipment manuals must be translated clearly so that every aspect of the trial is consistent from one location to the other. One discrepancy in the method, timing, or administration of the trial medication can render a clinical research trial invalid. A lot of time and funding goes into each trial that can be wasted due to a simple mistranslation of information. 

3. Understandable Patient Literature

Arguably the most important people involved in a clinical trial are the patients. Patients must be willing to take some risks to try a medication that is still in the trial stages. In order to get patients involved, literature is required, such as brochures and leaflets that explain the trial and the process. Consent forms are another type of document that must be accurately translated in order to be legal and preserve the validity of the trial. As clinical trials are carried out in various countries, patient literature must be translated into many different languages. 

4. Interpretation for Meetings

Clinical research trials require a lot of meetings, and many of those meetings will include people from different countries who speak different languages. Interpretation is different from translation, in that it typically occurs in person or over video in real time. An interpreter can help in a few different ways:

Consecutive Interpretation

This method involves the interpreter listening to a speech or a consecutive period of talking while taking notes and translating. After the speaker finishes, the interpreter gives their translation of the speech in another language. 

Simultaneous Interpretation

In this method, the interpreter translates the words being spoken in real time. The speaker and interpreter may be in different rooms or across a video conference, but both speak at the same time in different languages. 

Whispered Interpretation

When the interpreter is in the same room as the speaker, they may whisper their translation of what is being said in real time. This way the speaker can be heard by the majority while the individual or small group can hear the interpretation in the whispered language.

Certified Medical Interpretation

Some interpreters are medically certified, meaning they have completed written and oral testing to prove their qualifications in the language(s) in which they provide interpretation services. Certified medical interpreters must also upkeep their certification through continued education.  

Kontekst Provides Accurate Pharmaceutical Translation Services 

If you’re looking for accurate, quality pharmaceutical translation services, KONTEKST specializes in this field. In clinical research trials and other crucial aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, translation and interpretation services are an absolute necessity. In order to carry out clinical research trials abroad and manufacture new medications that can provide relief to patients suffering from medical conditions, pharmaceutical companies rely on Kontekst to do the job right. 

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