In today’s era of remote work, managing content and information flow is a challenge in many organizations because of factors including:

  • multitude of formats and platforms in daily use,
  • distributed teams working on the same project,
  • extensive workflows,
  • hybrid document flows,
  • internal and external client expectations,
  • requirement for data confidentiality in providing external verification of content or language, etc.

We cater to these needs by relying on our technological capabilities and our experienced and trained team.

We utilize our clients’ content management tools and systems to ensure:

  • smooth export and import of files to be translated,
  • consistent terminology across multiple projects,
  • processing of materials in a variety of formats (text, audio, video, subtitles, presentations),
  • graphic representation of content (DTP services),
  • visual fine-tuning of materials.

We provide translations of training and advertising materials for publication.

By relying on our technological resources and know-how, clients save time and money.

Case study:

For a client in the automotive industry, we provide translations of training materials on technical subjects as well as marketing and HR. We work on the client’s platform, where the client prepares presentations and e-learning courses. We localize them into the languages requested by the client. On the platform, we complete all the tasks ranging from translation to the adaptation of document formats to the localized language to ensure that the client receives materials that are ready for use or publication.

Case study:

For a client in the consulting industry, we prepared a quote for the translation of an extensive website, based on HTML files. The client chose a different translation services provider, but came back to us after some time to request urgent help with finalizing the translation project. Based on our approach and know-how, the client recognized our expertise in delivering services encompassing more than the translation itself: we provide all-round technical support that guides every project, however complex it may be, to a successful outcome.