Medical progress brings about new challenges for robotics, whose development can significantly streamline the work of many medical professionals. The use of surgical robotic systems in the operating room provides a clear advantage over traditional surgical techniques. However, before a robot-assisted surgical system can be used by experts around the globe, it requires appropriate user documentation to be drafted in a language that matches its recipients’ needs. A translator’s assistance can prove invaluable in this process.

What is the Da Vinci Surgical System?

The Da Vinci Surgical System is an excellent example of a medical robot designed for use in minimally invasive gynecological, urological or cardiac surgeries. While minimally invasive, these procedures do require extreme control and precision, which can be achieved thanks to the robot’s exceptional design.

It consists of a manipulator arm which mirrors the movements of a surgeon’s hand and is able to complete specific surgical steps which require extreme precision, while at the same time limiting tissue damage and excluding potential errors resulting from the imperfections of the human hand. This reduces the risk of postoperative injury and cuts down recovery times. This does not mean, however, that the robotic system is entirely autonomous. It is the surgeon that controls the machine’s movements through a special steering console, with detailed visualization of the operative field provided by the in-built optical system.

The ins and outs of translating medical device documentation

For a particular device to qualify for use, its description, user manual and other documents required to place it on the market must be translated accurately and reliably. Due to the specific nature of the technical and medical jargon, this kind of translation often requires close cooperation between linguists and medical professionals specializing in a particular field. It is a very responsible process, as any errors may result in serious consequences.

KONTEKST – Assisting you with the translation of medical device documentation

Try us, if you are a manufacturer of robotic systems or other medical devices and you would like to make sure that a reliable translation of all the relevant documentation will help to get your product to the market. At KONTEKST, we specialize in life science translations, delivering guides, user manuals, letters of authorisation, conformity certificates and any other required documents in the language of your choice.

We are able to match every translation project to the best translator with excellent proficiency in using the required specialist jargon. The translator’s work is always reviewed by a subject matter expert with the right education background and experience.

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