The information security policy we have put in place at KONTEKST is part of our commitment to foster trust in our business relations. Our long-standing experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and consulting industries has enabled us to create a number of internal processes aimed at applying top security measures in how data and files received from our clients are stored by us.

KONTEKST builds its information security on IT systems that enable fast and easy communication between our office and our clients, with no need for storing printouts and hard copies. This is why we take special care of the computer equipment which we use in our everyday operations. The temperature in our server room is kept at 19°C, which guarantees full safety of the hardware. All our internal processes are closely monitored and audited on a regular basis by internal and external auditors. Detailed recording of each stage of the translation process from the very beginning to the very end of delivery is practically our DNA and allows for stringent supervision over the entire project.

Our know-how comes from years of collaboration with local and global CROs and contributes to continuous improvement of our security procedures. Our own technological growth keeps up with that of our clients, so as to ensure that our top priorities consistently include confidentiality and information security coupled with fast and timely project delivery.

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