The constantly changing needs of our business partners inspire and drive our development. To meet the expectations of our clients, we have expanded our services beyond translation to include a spectrum of offerings related to the life sciences, medicine, and pharmacy sectors.
Through our collaboration with industry specialists, we are equipped to provide a variety of services. Additionally, we employ technologies that facilitate and accelerate our work on documents and data presentation.

Case Study: Creation of a Presentation on Clinical Trials

For an international pharmaceutical company, we delivered a multi-step service that consisted of the following:

  • A substantive analysis of source materials (in English) and the compilation of data on specific clinical trials: this task was completed by a specialist translator with medical expertise and a background in the field.
  • The preparation of a visual presentation of the content using the client’s PowerPoint template.
  • The translation of the presentation into the target language (in this case, Polish): the document was reviewed by a second linguist to ensure compliance with the ISO 17100 standard.

This visual presentation of data can be used for internal training courses, among other applications.

We are pleased to offer such a service to clients who:

  • Require materials to be published.
  • Organize and conduct training courses and presentations.
  • Participate in conferences.
  • Seek advanced services and wish to save time and resources.