Medical Interpretation Services

Over 70% of translation services we render refers to the life sciences sector. And so, one could say that KONTEKST is in fact a medical translations agency. Within our specialty, we offer a broad range of services adjusted to the needs of pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Interpretation services require not only top-notch language command, but also experience. Therefore, KONTEKST carefully selects the best experts who are well-familiar with FDA requirements and able to interpret at the most demanding industry conferences. Our interpreters render services not only in Poland, but also in other countries. Moreover, we provide remote medical interpretation services.

The range of medical interpretation services we offer includes:

  • Consecutive medical interpretation,
  • Simultaneous medical interpretation,
  • Whispered medical interpretation,
  • Certified medical interpretation (often referred to as sworn interpretation).


KONTEKST provides equipment and technical support to ensure proper operation of the technical equipment during conference interpretation assignments and smooth organization of trainings involving medical interpreters.

If you wish to learn more on medical interpretation services and the therapeutic areas which the interpreters of KONTEKST specialize in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

medical interpretation services