Dear Clients,

In view of the war in Ukraine, the demand for translations to and from Ukrainian is rapidly growing and will probably remain high in the months to come.

Many of our business partners reach out to KONTEKST to confirm the availability of translators, as they need support relocating their employees and patients from Ukraine and managing communication and document flows in different legal environments.

  • We deliver translation of clinical study documentation, including informed consent forms, so that patients could still participate in clinical trials. We also offer revision and translation certified by sworn translators (also with a qualified electronic signature).
  • We cooperate with a number of Ukrainian native speakers and linguists specializing in the translation of legal and employment-related documents (CVs, diplomas, certificates, agreements) as well as marketing materials (leaflets, newsletters, announcements, social media content).

Last but not least, we have signed the Statement from the Responsible Business Forum on the War in Ukraine. We encourage you to do the same.

Best regards,