Why is feedback important?

Feedback, understood as providing information on the level of satisfaction with the services provided, is an important factor facilitating cooperation between the customer and the supplier. Without receiving feedback, the supplier is unable to judge whether his services are well suited to the client’s needs and what should be improved. For many people, giving feedback on other people’s work, no matter how constructive, is difficult and uncomfortable. Some may also feel that it is a waste of time. However, it is worth considering how giving feedback to your translation supplier benefits your business. Our experience of working with clients shows that providing us with ongoing feedback facilitates our clients’ work and saves their time.

Constructive criticism

Our clients often provide us with feedback only when they are asked for it, while providing it to us on an ongoing basis could eliminate the difficulties as soon as they arose or even prevent them! One of our clients informed us during a feedback meeting after three months of cooperation that she always corrects one specialist term in our translations. If the issue was reported immediately, their glossary would be modified straight away and the customer would not have to spend their time on corrections.

Another time, a client told us that we were delivering good translations, but when he worked with another supplier, projects were performed by two specific specialists who knew well the medical language used in the client’s company and whose style he liked more. After receiving this feedback, we established cooperation with the indicated specialists. Thanks to this tip, the client started receiving projects that were fully adapted to his expectations.

The importance of positive feedback

It is worth remembering that feedback is also information about what has been done well. For instance, it was a very valuable indication for us when our client said that the additional verification by a hematologist, suggested by us, makes the language of our translations appropriate for this field of medicine and there is never any doubt that they do not require corrections. He could not say that about translations performed by another provider that did not offer such a service. Our company flexibly adjusts its services to the needs of customers, and such tips help us optimize processes.

Give us your feedback

The priority of the company is to facilitate the work of our clients, which is why we encourage you to provide both positive and constructively critical feedback to our Customer Relations Department at marketing@kontekst.pl.

Additionally, when placing orders via our Client Portal, you have the opportunity to send your feedback when downloading the finished project. Click here to find out more about our Client Portal.