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There are 5 major advantages of long-term cooperation you can’t deny.

1. Customized services

The more we cooperate, the better we understand your needs and the less time we waste on explaining things to each other. Translation assessment is always a matter of judgment. We understand this, and whenever possible, we are prepared to adapt our translations so that they meet your preferences. We are open to client feedback and we take account of these guidelines in our daily work to save your time and ours. Once introduced, the same terms may be applied consistently in later translation jobs, ensuring your preferred corporate language is used across all your projects.

2. One-stop shop

Typing “translation agency” in a search engine takes less than 10 seconds. Browsing the offers of top five companies on your search result list is another 15 minutes, at the very least. And this is just the beginning of the lengthy process of finding the right translation provider. Why bother looking for a few providers when you can have it all with just one? We offer translations in more than 250 language combinations, as well as DTP and print services.  

3. Regular client benefits

It is worth ordering translations from the same provider each time. Using advanced computer-assisted technologies allows translators to create a translation memory and a dedicated glossary for your company, as well as to detect any repetitions. With similar documents where only a small portion of the text is different, we can lower the rates, as the amount of work required is significantly lower.

4. Safe cooperation

KONTEKST is a certified provider of translation services. Our procedures comply with ISO 17100:2015. Our clients are entitled to file complaints regarding any shortcomings identified in our translations. The information security policy we have put in place is part of our commitment to foster trust in our business relations. Learn more about our safe work environment at KONTEKST.  

5. Relations

As we learn from our experience, good relations start as an association between a service provider and a client, only to evolve into a cooperation between business partners. We meet regularly on various occasions, but most importantly – we care.