Provide better customer’s experience by communicating with your target groups in their own language

As medical development requires the introduction of new solutions to a wider market, there is a growing awareness of the need to use appropriate communication in order to reach a larger audience. It is particularly noticeable in the fields of medical technology or clinical trials where fast and effective communication leads to patient’s satisfaction with the given services. But how to make the message clear and understandable? It is worth using the services of translators.


Patient’s satisfaction with user-friendly medical devices

While introducing a new medical device to the international market, the manuals must be written in a language accessible to the recipients. By reading a text in their own language they do not miss the slightest nuance about the product they are using. As it concerns their health, clear and understandable communication provides them with a sense of security and trust in the product producers. Consequently, better customer’s experience increases the chances of demand for a given device.   


Patient’s trust in clinical trials

Another area which requires multilingual content management are clinical trials during which communication between CROs and patients from all around the world plays a crucial role. The trials require a lot of documentation including contracts, agreements, protocols, informed consent forms, emergency cards and many more documents which must be written in an appropriate language. When receiving a well-written communicate, the patients are more eager to participate in the trials and their engagement again goes hand in hand with an increased interest in new products offered during the trial.


KONTEKST- the provider of fast and effective communication

With KONTEKST’s fast multilingual content management, we not only help provide a better patient experience by giving patients the comfort of communicating in their own and safe language, but we also help CROs and medical device manufacturers reach faster their conversion goals, sales goals and digital marketing goals.

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