As a client, your dream is to find the best service provider. When ordering a translation with KONTEKST, you know you can count on our competence, experience and personalised service. And how to earn KONTEKST’s Dream Client badge?

State your needs as clearly as possible: let us know if the translation is meant to be published and who the target reader is

This is a crucial piece of information for the translator. Also, if you provide us with reference materials or preferred vocabulary, we will take them into account and keep consistent across all your orders.
If your text is meant to be published we will recommend a set of additional services such as additional stylistic revision or revision by a native speaker.

Provide editable files

A well formatted source makes life much easier for the project manager and all other participants of the translation process. Providing editable files will make it possible for us to give you a more accurate quote and keep the original formatting.

Confirm the quote as soon as possible: this will speed up the process

We can only start working on your project if you have confirmed your order; sending us your confirmation as soon as possible means faster project delivery. You might want to remember that translators are more readily available for orders placed before noon. The quote you receive is only valid within the timeframe specified by the project manager.

Provide complete and accurate details

Another important issue is providing us with complete and accurate payer details, as well as the relevant PO numbers. Making sure you provide the right details will save us both a lot of trouble with the invoicing process.

Go through our checklist and find out how much of a Dream Client you are!

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