In our office we pay special attention to diversity and tolerance. Together we create a friendly working environment, in which there is no place for exclusion. Our employees represent different ethnic and age groups, 5 out of 7 managerial positions are held by women.

To promote our values, in 2018 we became a signatory of the „Karta Róznorodności” (Diversity Charter). By doing so, we have committed to:

– pursue a policy of equal treatment,

– create an atmosphere that ensures respect for diversity,

– introduce anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing monitoring,

– report on actions taken and their practical results,

– promoting and disseminating diversity management in Poland.

We believe that development and well-being of our employees is one with development of our company. Each member of our team has the opportunity to take part in regularly organized training adapted to his/her position and chosen career path.