Polish medical device exports are growing strong year on year. As indicated by Main Statistical Office data, in 2019, medical device manufacturers exported products worth more than EUR 2.4 billion. Are you thinking about reaching foreign customers but don’t know how to do it? We will tell you where to start!

Main focus point – identifying your target market

If you are planning to enter foreign markets, you must first identify the ones you would like to start from. To do that, try answering the following key questions.

  1. Is there demand for your product/service in the country you have chosen?
  2. Is the market you are trying to enter familiar with the product/service you are offering?
  3. Are you familiar with the culture and language of the country you would like to operate in?

If you are a manufacturer of equipment which is in great demand in the dental industry worldwide, you have probably answered “Yes” to the first two questions. You might have answered “No” to the third one. Not speaking the language used in your target country may be a stumbling block, but it can be quickly and easily overcome with some specialist assistance.

Good communication with your customer is key

If you want to cater to foreign customers, you must address them in their language. If you haven’t already done so, you should at least translate into English any materials you use in your business operations, including descriptions of dental products, service information on your website or product marketing leaflets. However, if you are planning to enter the German market, a translation into German, besides English, is also a must. KONTEKST is a certified translation agency and your go-to provider for the translation of any such documents into foreign languages.


KONTEKST – specialist dental medicine translations

Are your company’s dental products or services used by people of various nationalities? With our help, the language barrier will never again prevent you from reaching as many customers as possible.

KONTEKST offers a wide range of services for dental companies.

  • Medical translations – we work with linguists who are experts in medical terminology, which allows us to offer professional translation services for various types of medical documentation, including medical device instructions, clinical trial dossiers or drug-related documentation.
  • Translations compliant with current legal standards – our translators are up-to-date with the latest regulations, legal acts and other legal standards, making their translations always compliant with the current legal framework. Before a finished translation is delivered to the customer, it is verified by our in-house Quality Control Department to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of all the translated documents.
  • Translation of research papers – we translate dentistry-related specialist research papers. We also translate books, compilations, research reports and others.

You can count on KONTEKST for fast and – more importantly – accurate translations into English and other languages, whether you are working on administrative forms, customer leaflets and instructions for use, marketing brochures for dental products or service descriptions for online publication.

Would you like to know more? Call us at: +48 22 548 07 00 or send an email to: kontekst@kontekst.pl. Don’t wait – take the first step to reach foreign customers!