Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not only an image-building strategy, but primarily an effort made every day to improve the living and working conditions, increase awareness of both producers and consumers, as well as promote positive values and approaches in different areas that are important for the common good and balanced development. At KONTEKST, we implement CSR in the following areas:

  1. Pro-environmental initiatives

A socially responsible company cares for the environment in which it operates. It does not allow the objective pursued to jeopardize natural balance, but takes actions to avoid air and water pollution and reduce the amount of waste produced. To save the planet, at KONTEKST we use electronic solutions instead of paper documentation: we issue electronic invoices and certificates and offer certified translations with electronic signature.

  1. Fostering diversity and culture at the workplace

A company that offers its employees not only stable employment, but also a friendly environment and acceptance has a better chance for a more dynamic development. Fostering diversity and developing organizational culture at the workplace is understood to include, among other things:

– Respect for fellow workers,

– Anti-discrimination policy,

– Intercultural openness,

– Equality.

Promoting diversity and respect is in the very nature of KONTEKST. In October 2018, KONTEKST joined the group of Signatories of the Diversity Charter issued by the Responsible Business Forum.

  1. Commitment to charity

Willingness to help others, both locally and globally, promotes social responsibility and contributes to the development of the economy. Such endeavors strengthen the bonds between the enterprise and the community. They also have influence on the team’s proactive attitude. Our company is a translation partner of the Responsible Business Forum and has been supporting the Polish Humanitarian Action for many years, providing translation services free of charge.

  1. Customer relations

Last but not least, building customer relations on trust and respect is also a part of responsible business. A company that treats partners fairly is more likely to develop long and stable relations with them. At KONTEKST, partnership is the core value in contacts with our customers, as well as our team members.