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Case studies



We provide services for large prestigious conferences. We organize interpreting services at important business meetings and many other events.

Our successful projects include:

- Women's Congress, a two-day event with 7000 participants – interpreting in English, German, French and Spanish, and providing technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting

- a two-day conference organized by the British Embassy, entitled Fugitive Investigation Working Group & Harm Reduction Task Force (FIGHT) – simultaneous English-Spanish, English-French and English-Italian interpreting

- a two-day conference of the Responsible Business Forum in Gdańsk, entitled Joint Responsibility – How to Increase Visibility and Effectiveness of the EU CSR Framework – 5 booths, simultaneous English interpreting

- conferences organized by the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH): Key Challenges of Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation in the 21st Century (December 2012), Preventing Food Crises (October 2012), Global Development and the EU New Member States – Time for a Relaunch? (May 2011)

- simultaneous interpreting services for the supervisory boards of one of Central Europe's largest insurance companies – a total of 36 blocks between 2009–2010. One block of translation = up to 4 hours.

One of the most interesting projects of 2012 was interpreting between Polish and Romanian during a robot operation training. The interpretation was ordered by one of the largest global FMCG corporations.

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