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The beauty of multilingual projects for cosmetics industry.TOP 3 tips on how to sell your beauty product internationally.

The beauty of multilingual projects for cosmetics industry.TOP 3 tips on how to sell your beauty product internationally.

Delivering fast multilingual translation projects for the cosmetics industry can be easier than you think. Follow our TOP 3 tips on how to sell your beauty products internationally.

 1. The right message

Envisage your customers abroad and how they perceive your beauty products. Translating marketing communications is a way to convey the same message into all markets equally the same. To ensure the quality process of the translation, choose an experienced team who will adapt your text to different target markets. Creativity and expertise is required to avoid any linguistic awkwardness like “pimples” or “eczemas” as your clients have, if only, “blemishes”. International sales are dependent on what is inside and outside of the box so leave some responsibility to your transcreation provider (read more about transcreation).

2. Customized service

There’s more to the translation process than a quote and a secure delivery of the translated text right to your mailbox. Each brand on the beauty and skincare market has their own definition on what their products should represent. The field of cosmetics, healthcare and chemistry need tailored services such as copywriting, transcreation, and review. Proofreading by a native speaker is a must. Be advised to add a 2-step Assurance Quality to avoid any mistranslation or errors in the ongoing projects, especially for multilingual projects destined for different target markets.

3. Enter technology!

Translation memories and glossaries of each Client’s preferred terminology is used for the consistency and the cost efficiency. A team of dedicated specialists in cosmetics translations should be chosen to use your corporate language accurately to convey the right message of your brand. The right software in the hands of subject-matter linguists is about to increase the communication with the target group of your choice. In the end, you are about to get top quality and fast translations.

Procedures to meet your demands

KONTEKST Translations is compliant with the international ISO 17100 certification. Since 2016, our Team carried on over 2,000 translation projects for nearly 100 Clients globally from the beauty, haircare, makeup and skincare, and chemistry industry into 75 different language combinations.

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