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Every word matters

Every word matters

Medical translation is not only a matter of knowledge and experience on the part of the translator. It is also a question of the processes and regulations meant to ensure high quality of the service. Here are some examples.

Consistent terminology is a must. Medical and pharmaceutical texts are often authored by medical professionals with narrow fields of specialization, and abound in specialist terminology which is often unfamiliar to the general public. Translating these texts is a task that requires surgical precision and relies on specific tools. Mistranslations or inexactitudes of any kind are out of the question. The clinical trial industry is particularly sensitive to the correct and consistent use of specific terminology in translating medical documentation, since the language of these texts can have a bearing on patient wellbeing and on the success of the clinical trial as such.

Confidentiality is a priority. Medical translators handle strictly confidential documentation on a daily basis. Maintaining confidentiality as regards patients and clinical trial companies is not an additional option, but a key obligation for the translation provider. Building a trust-based relationship with a translation service provider is a time-consuming process, diligently supported by a number of contracts and agreements. Sharing people’s medical records or confidential pharmaceutical market information must be a closely monitored process that guarantees complete security.

But whom to trust? Pharma companies are very demanding, both towards themselves and towards their contractors. A specialist translation agency is not only a timely provider of quality translations but also works for years to gain experience and build its position as a trusted partner to its clients. At KONTEKST, satisfaction on the part of our customers and professional service on our part have combined to yield long-lasting relationships that we take so much pride in. Our clients are happy to recommend our services to their partners in the medical and pharma industry, which to us is the utmost evidence of our true potential.

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