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How to Save Yourself 8 Hours of Work?

Opening a web browser and typing “translation agency” takes less than 10 seconds. Browsing the offers of top five companies on your search result list is another 15 minutes, at the very least. And this is just the beginning of the lengthy process of finding a good translation service provider. 

You need to contact each of your candidates, define your needs, and wait for them to respond. Suppose you do that within half an hour. Afterwards, you will need to read the responses and compare the rates – and this is were you want to be extra careful; after all, you are looking for optimum value for money.  Let’s assume that it takes another

 30 minutes to make this kind of comparison. Now you need to place your order (5 minutes) and wait till the job is done. Collecting your translation and checking the invoice for correctness of your data will only take a moment.

But what if none of the offers meet your requirements? As a rule, it will take you another 30 seconds to freak out, 44.6 seconds to sulk and 

45.4 seconds to vent your irritation on some innocent by-stander or piece of equipment. Having lost another two minutes doing that, you will pull yourself

 together and start the entire process again, double-checking the available solutions and re-reading the offers over and over again...

Project management is not easy, especially if you want to have control over each stage and remain equally involved throughout the process. To make matters worse, complications double with every additional language combination or non-standard request you would like your order to include. Imagine having to repeat the entire scenario for 5 additional combinations and you end up devoting your entire work day to talking to translation companies. In this age of globalization, some companies have much greater needs. Does that mean that big corporations which order big translation projects into dozens of languages on a daily basis have dedicated people doing nothing but that...?

The solution is simple. At KONTEKST, it is us that provide comprehensive project management at each stage of the process. We work for companies and organizations located all over the globe. Every day, we deliver an average of 50 projects in the most demanding fields such as medicine, pharmacy, law, banking and finance. Time is precious – save it with us!

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