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Increase your sales by expanding to a new market.

One of the easiest ways to boost sales is to expand your geographical reach and enter new markets. You want to look for a market where clients may be interested in purchasing your product or service  and where clients have adequate purchasing potential.

For instance, Germany – the most developed country in Europe. Its present population is 81.5 million. Your average Mr Schmidt earns some EUR 3,527 a month, and spends 1.5% of his salary to shop online. In 2014, nearly 66 million German citizens spent a total of EUR 42,636,000,000 on online shopping.

If you mean to sell your products or services abroad, you might want to take all this into consideration and make sure your communication is clear and to the point. Legibility and grammatical correctness of your offer and website are key factors that will determine whether your message reaches your target audience and achieves its goal.

If you are thinking of expanding to a foreign market such as Germany, make sure your content is top quality. It will simply pay off.

Each year, KONTEKST delivers a total of 30 M words of translation to clients worldwide. We translate to all European and Asian languages (including German) to support our customers in their expansion goals. Go to and watch your international sales grow!