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Bureau Veritas Certification
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    Fast management of multilingual projects

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    Customer Satisfaction Survey, October 2019

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    CROptimized procedures and processes, backtranslations, certificates of translations.

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    Customer Satisfaction Survey, October 2019

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    Compliance with the ISO 17100 standard. Information security policy in force.

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    Customer Satisfaction Survey, October 2019

About us

KONTEKST is a certified provider of translation services for global clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, as well as law and consulting firms.

KONTEKST has been in existence since 2000, and specializes in translation services for contract research organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical companies, law firms, and consulting companies. We work with our Clients on a global level and we are among Approved Vendors for major global pharma companies. KONTEKST has the necessary tools and the know-how based on our 19 years of expertise.

In 2017 alone we have provided a grand total of over 9,600 projects, served almost 600 clients from the medical, pharmaceutical, legal, banking and financial field. Almost 30% of them were new clients.

We translate over 35,000,000 words annually. Currently KONTEKST has 40 full-time employees. We cooperate with 1,500 qualified translators and specialists who translate in 250 language combinations. Our procedures describe all the processes in the company that guarantee a prompt and smooth service. KONTEKST delivers the translations safely and securely.

In June 2017 KONTEKST has complied with the international standard ISO 17100:2015, which specifies the principles of cooperation with translation service providers. We guarantee quality control at each stage of the translation process.

KONTEKST equals the quality management system, which results in less than 0.5% of complaints of all our projects annually. Our information security policy provides for procedures ensuring confidentiality of information.

KONTEKST provides translation services, including back-translation, proofreading and reconciliation. For our clients from CROs, we issue translation certificates, either a paper or an electronic version.

KONTEKST has the technical and IT resources to deliver a specialized translation service for pharmaceutical companies, CROs, banking and consulting companies.

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  • 2017-01-18
    We are proud to report that in 2016 we delivered a grand total of 11,250 translation projects, an average of 45 projects a day! We translated 142,000 pages...
Bureau Veritas Certification

KONTEKST in numbers

    • 19years of experience
    • 150,000words each day
    • 1,500translators
    • 40full-time employees
    • 250language combinations
    • 30,000,000words each year
  • 2019-11-05
    On 4th and 5th of October KONTEKST’s team participated in a training dedicated to Design Thinking – a method of creative problem solving through cooperation...
  • 2019-09-24
    Dear Customers, please be advised that on 4 October 2019 (Friday) KONTEKST will be closed due to an all-day out-of-office training session for our entire...
  • 2019-06-04
    On 3 June 2019 KONTEKST's representatives conducted workshop on translation project quoting. During the meeting that took place at The University of Warsaw...
  • 2019-05-27
    On 24 May 2019 KONTEKST successfully passed yet another annual audit of compliance with the ISO17100:2015 standard. In view of long-standing professional...
  • 2019-04-26
    For our key customer from the automotive industry, we have completed another specialist project. We have translated over 100 pages in 9 business days. The...
  • 2019-04-09
    We have completed another project for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies operating on a global scale. The translation from English to Russian...