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Certified Translation

In many countries, for a translated document to be accepted as valid for legal and official purposes by state administration, it must be certified by a qualified translator who attests that it is the legal equivalent of the source text. Depending on jurisdiction, such qualified translators must meet some rigorous requirements in order to perform this function, and swear an oath before the relevant authority. This is why they are called sworn translators (also referred to as court translators, certified translators, etc.).

In Poland, the services of sworn translators are regulated by the Act on the Profession of Sworn Translators. Every translator wishing to provide such services must pass a state examination. Most state authorities and courts in Poland require evidentiary documents and other official documentation drawn up in foreign languages to be translated into Polish and certified by sworn translators. Sworn translators also provide interpretation services in courts and other state institutions.

KONTEKST cooperates with a number of sworn translators of many European and Asian languages. We can provide our clients with certified translations for legal purposes, with an added benefit of an additional in-house revision stage to limit to a minimum the possibility of a mistake in the often sensitive legal text being translated. We also arrange for interpretation services by qualified sworn translators. Whatever your needs and languages of interest, we will assist you at every stage of your journey through the Polish legal procedure.