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Cosmetics and cosmetology translations

Cosmetics producers are companies with operations in numerous countries, and they frequently require translations into many European and Asian languages as well as adaptation of their marketing message to suit the consumers in a given country.

We offer solutions adapted to the demands of companies from the cosmetics industry:

  • translation with additional revision of style and accuracy into all European and Asian languages,
  • revision of your text by a native speaker of the target language, recommended for translations that are expected to be published,
  • transcreation,
  • translation by specialists with experience in translating texts for the cosmetics industry.

KONTEKST provides written translations and interpreting services for the cosmetics and cosmetology industry.

We translate:

  • cosmetics product descriptions,
  • texts printed on packaging and flyers,
  • descriptions of cosmetic treatments,
  • user instructions,
  • trade show catalogues,
  • advertising materials,
  • scientific publications.

We invite you to review some sample jobs executed for clients in the cosmetics industry.
At your request, we will be pleased to provide references from completed projects.