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We work for the European Commission!

Once again, KONTEKST has won the tender procedure as a translation services provider for the European Commission. The Commission is presently the biggest translation client in Europe and one of the biggest worldwide. 


Today, the Commission employs – beside a great number of external providers, both free-lance translators and translation agencies – a whopping 3,000 in-house translators who translate an average of 2,302,465 pages of texts into 24 Member State languages each year. The most sought after languages are English, French and German, since these are the three procedural languages of the European Union. For the sake of comparison, in 1958 the Commission only translated into 4 languages (Dutch, French, German and Italian), employed 120 times fewer staff and produced merely 17,000 pages of translation a year.


KONTEKST has been working with the European Commission since 2004, the year of Poland’s accession to the European Union. Today, we translate in 150 language combinations (including all the languages used by the Commission) and we serve global corporations, providing them with more than 10,000 translation jobs a year.


Our high requirements, rigorous partner selection criteria, and an uncompromising revision process of the translation projects are a testimony to KONTEKST’s uppermost quality of service.


Being able to support an executive body of the European Union with 139 delegations all around the world is not only a great honour and pride, but also a challenge and a tremendous responsibility. 


June 2016