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Looking to go global? Be smart and use the local language!

It may come as no surprise that excellent customer service is an increasingly important factor for online shoppers. Studies show clearly that 72.4% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service if they can first read about it in their native language.

Contrary to popular opinion, English is not as much of a lingua franca in online shopping as one might expect. Even if you provide all your key information in perfect English this will not guarantee success in terms of sales. According to a study by Common Sense Advisory, what matters most to online shoppers is safety and ease of payment and delivery. What better way to make their shopping experience safe and easy than enable them to go through the entire process in their own native language?

Cross the borders. Reach further and manage your business as meticulously as you can. Drive a hard bargain and satisfy your client perfectly with a precise translation. Make your customers feel safer by offering them your services in the most professional way. Nothing but the great hits from now!

Go global with KONTEKST! Leave your competition behind anywhere in the world by offering your services in the local language of your target customers!


May 2015